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To Get Started Please choose one of the following topics:

General Research Ethics Themes The PREA systematic literature review and qualitative interviews identified several themes into which various ethical issues in humanitarian research could be grouped. Some of these have been classified within a specific domain in this Tool. Others themes fit within a few domains and have been listed here under General Research Ethics Themes. Many of these are well-known ethical issues in research, although they may have particular relevance or challenges in humanitarian research.
Research Setting The setting of research can have an impact on ethical issues. Maybe one of the more dramatic examples would be conducting the same research project in a conflict setting versus a non-conflict setting. Similarly, conducting research after conflict has ended may impact ethical issues if a lot of mistrust persists. For different reasons, conducting a project in an urban setting may raise different ethical issues compared to a rural setting. Therefore, one way to explore the ethical issues in your research could be to start with its setting.
Population Conducting research with children raises additional ethical issues to research with adults. Research with migrants and refugees raises additional issues because of their mobility or uncertain political status. Power inequalities raises ethical issues with certain populations, while various populations are subjected to different vulnerabilities. Starting your exploration of ethical issues with the particular population you plan to conduct your research with can be another path to pursue. I think we should change some of the subdomains. Prisoners is not a group we have much information on. Therefore, I think we should remove it, but add Combatants, Former Combatants, and Torture Victims.
Health Conditions For the most part, PREA has focused on health-related research. You might wish to start your consideration of ethical issues with the health condition central to your research. Mental health research can raise ethical issues that do not arise with research into physical illnesses. Gender-based violence (GBV) can have ethical issues beyond those involved in other trauma research. Infectious diseases raise ethical issues around the risks to researchers that are usually not involved with non-communicable diseases. This is another path into exploring the ethical issues of your project. A few subdomains need to have their names edited. Change the relevant ones to: Gender-based violence (GBV), Maternal Child Health, Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs).
Research Methodology Different types of research raise different ethical issues. Conducting a randomized controlled trial (RCT) has ethical components that are not present in a qualitative interview. Some methods can provide participants with anonymity, while others raise ethical issues around privacy. Conducting research on a person’s biological samples has different ethical issues compared to asking them personal questions about sensitive issues. Some of these ethical issues are relevant regardless of the specific topic or intervention being explored, so this can be another place for your exploration to begin. Subdomain changes: Biological Sample Studies; Clinical Trials (non-randomized); Individual Interview; Focus Group Interview; Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT); remove Qualitative; leave the other ones as they are.
Crisis Type The type of crisis occurring can have an impact on the ethics of doing research around it. A viral epidemic raises different ethical issues compared to an earthquake. At the same time, both raise similar ethical issues around the risks to researchers. Doing research on an industry-related CBRNE explosion would have different ethical issues compared to that on a terrorist bomb. Refugee crises raise ethical issues that may not exist with floods or hurricanes. For these reasons, beginning with the type of crisis may be fruitful as you explore the ethical issues in your research.

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