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For the most part, PREA has focused on health-related research. You might wish to start your consideration of ethical issues with the health condition central to your research. Mental health research can raise ethical issues that do not arise with research into physical illnesses. Gender-based violence (GBV) can have ethical issues beyond those involved in other trauma research. Infectious diseases raise ethical issues around the risks to researchers that are usually not involved with non-communicable diseases. This is another path into exploring the ethical issues of your project. A few subdomains need to have their names edited. Change the relevant ones to: Gender-based violence (GBV), Maternal Child Health, Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs).

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Physical Trauma
Mental Health Research into mental health and disasters is much needed during disasters and in post-disaster settings. Researchers should ensure their projects do not negatively impact participants’ mental health.By carefully evaluating the research question, possible risks, data dissemination methods, existing power imbalances, and other environmental characteristics of the research setting, mental health research can be directly beneficial to participants.
Non Communicable Diseases
Gender-Based Violence Refers to abuse targeted at people on the basis of their gender. During emergencies, GBV has been shown to increase, in part because massive community losses often lead to discriminatory physical and sexual violence. Creating timely interventions for GBV is essential in meeting the resulting needs, but that research itself raises many ethical issues, including the potential to place people in more danger without an appropriate ethical framework and robust preparation
Infectious Diseases <a href=>Guidance for managing ethical issues in infectious disease outbreaks.</a> World Health Organization, 2016.
Maternal Health The health of a mother before, during, and after pregnancy is greatly impacted by humanitarian emergencies when lack of healthcare access is aggravated by unstable environments. Further, involving pregnant women in clinical research during public health crises (for example, in vaccine trials) suffers from an absence of formal scientific and ethical guidelines..
COVID-19 COVID-19 is the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that emerged at the end of 2019

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