Gender-Based Violence

Safety, risk-reduction, and maximizing benefits are primary responsibilities of researchers conducting gender-based violence studies. To protect the identity of participants, research activities must be conducted in private, accessible spaces and with extensive anonymity. The potential need for support during and after participation in research activities must be carefully considered during research design, preferably in consultation with potential participants. The measures used to provide for the safety of participants should also consider how data integrity will be affected. Gender-stratified data collection, for instance, pairing women research staff with women participants, can help create a secure, safe environment for participation leading to authentic data collection interactions. Because GBV is already severely underreported, consultation and collaboration with trusted organizations actively involved in responding to GBV is essential in identifying research questions, possible barriers to reaching affected populations, and other ethical concerns. Even with extensive study preparation, researchers should be prepared to modify and accommodate to the needs of the population being studied and utilize frequent study monitoring.

Which of the following are features of your study?

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