General Research Ethics Themes

The PREA systematic literature review and qualitative interviews identified several themes into which various ethical issues in humanitarian research could be grouped. Some of these have been classified within a specific domain in this Tool. Others themes fit within a few domains and have been listed here under General Research Ethics Themes. Many of these are well-known ethical issues in research, although they may have particular relevance or challenges in humanitarian research.

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Data Privacy Data privacy is important as fered repeated wandered required in. Then girl neat why yet knew rose spot. Moreover property we he kindness greatest be oh striking laughter. In me he at collecting af...
Conflict of Interest
Informed Consent
Equity Equity and fairness
Ethics Review
Community Engagement Community engagement has been emphasised in many recent research ethics guidance documents. The importance of community engagement is seen as both intrinsic and instrumental: it is both an inherent...
Publication Ethics
Benefit and Harm Balance Weighing up and balancing the benefits and harms of research was a central and frequently raised ethical issue identified in PREA research. The potential benefits to participants and their communit...

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